Friday, April 9, 2010


On Tuesday we picked up four new bee colonies! They were supposed to arrive Monday but due to bad weather the truck came in late. Brian picked them up at Ruhl Bee Supply on the way home from work and hived and fed the new ladies. Hopefully on Monday we can post photos of the process (I just did). Two of the hives are a type of bee that is supposedly hardier, but also not as docile as the Italian honey bees, so of course Brian got his first sting of the year!


  1. So did you/do you have 2 hives set up out there? Assuming that each one of those tall white stacky things are "a hive". (can you tell I am not a beekeeper? :p ) So did you now have more bee hives than before? Or have you always had 4 or 5 & are just replacing the ones that died?
    Yay bees! Or rather, yay honey!

  2. We have four new bee colonies with new queens in four hives. These are mainly replacements.