Sunday, November 14, 2010

We find these amanita mushrooms every November:
Here's one of our 11 year old's watercolors for her art class:

It has been a while since posting, I think because I am still catching my breath after finishing our house inspections and feeling like we are sort of done with our house. Also homeschooling is in full swing as I juggle schooling three kids at once. It is going pretty well; I've realized that our 8 year old needs to skip up to a more complicated math book and I an really excited that our 5 year olds reading has really coming along. Our 11 year old is also doing very well with her studies, art, dance and piano. The garden is winding down but we have lots of cool weather crops in the ground like beets, chard, kale and cabbage, and lots of onions, garlic and squash stored. Today I hope to plant some garlic (late as usual) and I am going to roast one of our home raised, home slaughtered turkeys. A little early for it, but it will be good!


  1. I bet your turkey was super yummy! I love your new pictures.

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