Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harvest, Preserve and Plant for Winter

Yesterday we harvested our oats by hand with scissors and today we harvested many, many cherries from a good friend's orchard which means that now we get to figure out how to extract the oats from their hulls and how to use our new cherry pitter. We will surely dry most our the cherries using our solar food dehydrator but we're not totally sure yet how we'll preserve the oats (likely the same way).

All of this harvesting and preserving reminds me, it is now time to start planting your winter garden. There is nothing better than being able to harvest fresh greens when they are covered in snow, but you must plan and plant when winter is the last thing on anyone's mind. To help with this, we have been growing kale and chard starts to sell at the Saturday Marketplace for people to plant in their own gardens. If you have questions about how to get started with your own winter garden please come and visit us on the 4th of July when we will also be debuting our new salves and soaps in addition to lots more produce.

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