Saturday, June 27, 2009

Long Days

Last Sunday was the summer solstice. We had another family come over for good food, good company and a small bonfire. The summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and the longest hours of sunlight. We have been using these long days to the fullest; working on the land, weeding the garden, building our house, taking care of the animals, and of course caring for our three children. Even after the sun goes down; the goats have been milked, the kids read to and put to bed, we still often have hours of work. We make soap, brew beer, can jam, and work on house projects we couldn't do during the day. Good thing Brian and I like to work, and doing projects together makes it fun.

St John's wort is an herb that is flowering around the solstice. We have been picking the flowers and infusing them in oil with calendula and comfrey to make a healing salve. We hope to bring some homemade herbal salves and creams to the market. So please check out our booth next week for these new items as well as our goats milk soap, produce and plants!


  1. Well geez, ya know you'd get more done while the sun's still up if you wouldn't let your pesky friends hang out all the live long day & distract you. heehee. ;)

  2. Ha ha, you can come to distract us any time you want. I am actually thinking about just not sleeping anymore, that should free up some hours, right?