Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here we go again...

We are starting to do a little planting here and there. Mainly lettuce starts and radishes. In March our big indoor planting begins, and we will start putting the cold-tolerant seeds in the ground. It is always exciting but daunting to plan now for things that we will be harvesting in the late summer. Sometimes we don't plant enough of one thing, not enough in succession, or too much of another (like summer squash). Soon my window sills and counters will be full of seedlings. Eventually we want to cob and glass-in our South side of our house for a sun room/ greenhouse, but or now we make do with what we have.

Here are some pictures of the kids:


  1. Geez, I sure can tell Morgan's not the milk man's kid! lol He looks exactly like his dad!!