Thursday, February 25, 2010


Despite the really low temperatures we had in January, this winter has been really mild. Already I have crocuses and daffodils blooming! Our cold framed radishes are getting big and the spinach is getting lush. Our peas have been planted and Brian has been starting our first set of tomato, eggplant and pepper seedlings.

We had a nice dry weekend which allowed us to get some good outdoor work done. Weeding the garlic and around the edges of our fenced gardens, planting some new berry bushes and moving a few young fruit trees and shrubs, and Brian made me a new clothesline! We don't have dryer, so being able to hang lots of clothes out when we have sunny days is crucial. For wet days I have a clothesline under our roof overhang. Brian has been working on our gutters; the county requires them and we need them in for rainwater catchment.

This is the time of year with our homeschooling that I go through the calendar and plan out the rest of the year and make sure we are on track for completing our curriculum by the time Brian is out for the summer. We're doing pretty well but will definitely need to stay diligent with Math lessons in order to get it done! This is also the time of year I look at the things we should be covering in the kids grades and panic when I realize we still haven't covered certain things (the periodic table?!). Over all though, we are working hard and I feel good about what the kids have accomplished.

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