Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Turkey day

Yesterday we butchered our three turkeys. It went well; poultry is pretty easy to turn into food. It always amazes me how quickly it goes from being our animal to something we can put on the table. Our four year old was especially fond of the turkeys so he wasn't happy that we were going to be eating them. I really liked our turkeys; I think they imprinted on humans because they really liked us. As chicks they would peep when we left the room, and as they grew they would follow us around. I know they have a reputation for stupidity, but I found them to be really sweet, though a little simple. It is never easy killing one of our animals, but at least I know that our meat had a great life roaming free and a fast death.

1 comment:

  1. Wow that was fast! How old were they & do you know about how much they weighed? Were they full grown? Geez turkeys grow fast!

    I can't wait to raise turkeys. I will name them all Turkey Lurkey, of course.