Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It is pretty hot today, mid-nineties, and should be just as hot or hotter tomorrow. This morning we rushed around watering plants and giving extra buckets of water to the animals. They need lots of water on days like today. Now we are mainly working inside.

A few days ago we harvested our garlic. I have been braiding the softneck varieties and hanging bunches of the hardnecks. I easily use at least one whole garlic bulb per meal (bulb, not clove) so we need lots for eating, planting in the fall and for gifts.

Yesterday we beat the heat by going to our favorite spot on a nearby river. It was beautiful but the water was really cold!


  1. We decided it was going to be too hot to go to park day today! So we stayed home & played in our little wading pool instead. Those river pictures sure look cool & refreshing. And nice garlic braids!

  2. I thought of you guys! Our Wednesday activity was cancelled so I thought briefly about park day. Obviously we decided it was too hot!