Sunday, March 7, 2010

The last few days the weather has been really warm and sunny, so we've spent a good amount of time outdoors. Brian has been clearing out the chicken coop and working on our numerous fruit trees. I want to be done with the interior lime plaster coat by spring break so I have been plastering our mud room. It is the only room left and then I am done plastering lime

The kids have been spending lots of time outside running around, riding bikes and catching (and releasing) some early frogs!

Our seeds and seedling are coming up; this month we will be planting a lot more outside: swiss chard, arugula, onion sets, potatoes, etc. Also we will be starting more seeds indoors.

Here is a cold-frame with radishes:
Two days ago we had are first ducklings of the season! This time of year all the female ducks disappear and we find them tucked away in their nests. After a few weeks they come out with a line of fuzzy ducklings. Even though we have several batches of ducklings a year, it is so fun to see them brand new!


  1. Ack, ducklings! So cute! I'd never get bored of seeing them every year either. Geez that puppy's growing fast! That's a very nice cold frame! I love playing with frogs, too! And I love exclamation points!

  2. WOW, spring has definitely hit Folk ways farm!!!
    How are the goats doing?