Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring!

The spring equinox was a few days ago. We celebrated by doing lots of work outside, planting onions and preparing garden beds. We got all our onions planted, which is a relief. I put up a little Easter tree with the boys. It is just some willow shoots in a bucket with wheat grass seeds, hung with painted wooden eggs. My kids love any holiday decorations and traditions.

Brian brought home a new batch of chicks and three turkeys! Right now they are warm under a light next to the wood stove. Our four year old likes to carry them around. He showed me a fuzzy yellow one and told me it liked it's belly rubbed!

It seems like every surface inside is covered with trays of seedlings. It will be a relief when they are all planted in the garden in the next few months. We ordered a soil blocker, which I think will help streamline our seed starting.

We are trying to expand our garden beds, fence in new areas, and seed some pasture areas. Brian is on spring break and we aren't doing our full homeschool schedule, so I hope we get lots done!


  1. Omg, I totally have turkey envy!! I can't wait to raise turkeys! I hope to hear all the details of how it works for you guys! And same with the soil blocker. You'll have to share the details on that as well, for all us inquiring minds. Now you need to post baby turkey pictures! I will be sitting by my computer waiting impatiently.

  2. Our 4 year old likes to hold our chicks too...but sometimes she squeezes them!