Monday, March 15, 2010


Last year onions were one of best sellers at the market. This took us by surprise and we sold basically every onion we grew, including the storage onions I planned on saving for ourselves and using all winter! So this year we have planted enough to exceed our market needs and have tons for our own use. We are planting Mars, Ailsa Craig, Copra and Yellow Sweet Spanish varieties. Also we are growing some leeks. We love our alliums!

For Christmas this year our almost 11 year old got a digital camera. So lately all our blog photos are from her. She is doing a photography club for homeschoolers so she coming up with all sorts of neat pictures. Unfortunately because she is behind the camera, I don't have as many photos of her for the blog! It is really fun to look at her photos and see all the mischief the kids get into! Here are our boys:

Notice the baling twine so the wagon is being towed by the bike.
Once they harnessed the wagon to one of the goats!


  1. That's so fun! I'm sure M will take all kids of really fun & interesting pictures. Some of my favorite pictures are ones that my 11yo takes. He often manages to get interesting action shots, or pictures of a whole scene, where I tend to focus on one object. The pictures you posted are all great! What kind of tree is that blossoming?

  2. That is a plum, one of our earliest bloomers. We also have some peaches blooming.